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how to participate

If you want to include your art, then here is the deal.

Put your contact info on the back of your work so the person who finds it can contact you.

Remember that most of the works will be hidden outside, so something like an unmounted paper drawing might not be a good choice.

Drop off your piece at one of the following locations:
Arbus Magazine, 1816 Landon Ave. from 9 to 5 on Monday OR Friday. Call 346-1920 to confirm
TAC Gallery, 31 W. Adams St. Tues through Friday from 11:00 to 3:00
The studio at 1512 King Street

At the moment we can only accept pieces no larger than 36" by 36".

We will collect the works, take photos of them and record the artist info to post on the web page after the hunt. People will be able to see your work and contact info, including links, from then on so get it right. This will help any future customers in locating you about potential sales.

When we have collected enough pieces we will announce the date of the next hunt.

On the day of the hunt we will head out on the town and hide them one at a time. A picture will be taken at each location and uploaded, with a clue to the location, onto FaceBook and Twitter.

What do you get?... the knowledge that you have helped raise the awareness of Jacksonville's huge and enthusiastic art community! (and had some fun in the process)